Leap Lotto is going online

In order to reach out to as many members as possible, Leap Lotto (jointly held between Leap Community Council and Kilmacabea GAA0) is providing an online facility which was developed by Clubforce. It is going live for this weekend’s draw. Participants must have their entries in by midnight tomorrow. Apologies for the short notice.

To access : google Clubforce and go to Find My Club. Type in Leap Lotto and Go to Club Page.

Then go to Play Lotto in 4 Easy Steps. The second step requests registration details.

There is also meant to be a link to the Kilmacabea GAA website, but it may not be functioning for this weekend’s draw.

With the online lotto the options to play are limited as follows :

Members must partake in a minimum of 10 draws and can purchase any number of lines for each draw at €1.50 per line. The other options are 25 draws (€37.50 for one line per draw) and 52 draws where the last 2 draws are free. It is hoped to expand these options, depending on the feedback from the participants and the agreement of Clubforce. They have been facilitating online lotto and other fundraising activities for several years so no serious problems are expected.

Leap Lotto is being administered by Tom Ryan and he can be reached at [email protected].

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